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IP VPN Networking

We Offer IP VPN Networking Services From Nemer Najd Provides A Well Managed WAN Or Wide Area Network Solutions Which Permits One To Deliver A Reliable And Secure Network To Our Clients. Delivered Over MPLS Score, Clients Can Seamlessly Make Virtual Personal Network To Deliver Data, Video And Voice. IP VPN Network Is An Affordable Method To Expand Your Services With Low Cost And Secure Link To Your Clients. IP VPN Services From Nemer Najd Provides You Access To The Biggest National MPLS Networks To Deliver Reliable, Robust And Secure Network To The Clients. We Offer Secure Infrastructure, Guaranteed Level Of Performance, Feature Rich Capabilities. You Can Get Various Benefits By Using Our Services Such As

• Cost Effective Easy Access To Strong MPLS Network

• Guaranteed Performance

• Simplified Managements Through Connectionless Network

With Nemer Najd IP VPN, One Choose Client Managed Or Nemer Najd Managed Service Choices. With Client Managed Services, One Controls The Networks, With The Elasticity To Manage And Down Their Own Routers And Equipment. Choose From Premium Or Basic Service, With Varieties Of Service Packages Choices. Basic Services: Customer Edge Router Or CE Is Managed And Owned By You.

Premium Services: CE Or Customer Edge Router Is Manage And Owned By You. Such Choices Provide Improved Service Level Agreement And Performance Reporting. Nemer Najd Manages Eng To End Networks And Owns With This Completely Managed Solutions And Manages Entire Routers And Equipments Including CPE Or Customer Premise Equipment And CE Router For You. Such Options Will Let You Have An Access To The Highly IT And Recent Technology Resources.

At Site Type Package You Can Select From Various Sites Packages Choices Depending On The Requirement, Whereas, At High Performance You Can Get Various Features, Choices And High Range Of Performances, Bandwidths Options And Other Things.

IP VPN Networking

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