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IP Telephony Solutions

We Are Unified Platform For All Telecommunications Service Providers, ISP, NGN, MVNO Operators For Messaging, Data Traffic And Unifying Voice Within Single Converged Network. Nemer Najd Offers Various Postpaid, Prepaid, Wholesale And Retail Telecommunication Services That Includes Vonage, Skype, Calling Cards Like Services, ISP, WiMAX, CLEC Sort Of Services And Much More.

IP Telephony Or Internet Protocol Telephony, A Usual Term For Technologies Which Use The Packet Switch Connection Of Internet Protocol To Exchange Fax, Voice And Other Sorts Of Information Which Have Traditionally Carried The Dedicated Circuit Switched Connection Of PSTN Or Public Switched Telephone Network. Using Internet, Call Travel As Packet Of Data On The Shared Lines, Averting The Toll Of PSTN. We Offer IP Telephony Quality Fax, Voice And Other Services Videos Packet In Dependable Flow Of The Customer.

We Focus On The IP Telephony Challenge. IP Telephony Solutions Are Easily Provided By Us. We Have Very Professional Messages To Greet All Our Customers Whenever They Route And Call Our Right Team. We Are Fast Emerging IP Telephony Service Providers And Include Various Local Telephone Firms Long Distance Service Providers Like Cable TV Firms, AT & T, Fixed Service Wireless Operators, ISP Or Internet Service Providers.

IP Telephony Service Affect Vendor Of Traditional Hand Held Services. Presently, Just Like Traditional Phone Services, IP Telephony Services Are Relatively Unregulated Via Government. We Have Organized Efforts To Standardize The IP Telephony. It’s A Significant Part Of Convergence Of Telephones, Computers And Television In To A Solo Integrated Information Atmosphere. We Also Offer SMS Notifications, Email Notifications To Our Clients When They Missed Any Call. Nemer Najd Is All About Reducing Costs And Increasing Productivity Via Variety Of IP Based Applications, Including Price Of Ownership Saving And Simplifying Network Managements. Operant Provides A Complete Range Of IP Telecommunication Solution To Meet The Business Needs:

• Wireless/wired LAN IP Solution

• Multi-media Voice, Web And Video Solution

• Data Switching As Well As Routing Solution

• IP Security Solution

• IP Telephony Solution

IP Telephony Solutions

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