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Civil Works

From Bridges, Railways, Harbors And Road Constructions To Treatment Plants And Tunnels, We Offer All Tasks Related To Civil Works, Below Or Above Ground And In Marine Environments. When You Believe That Concrete Job Is Very Heavy To Handle On Your Own Then You Can Contact Us For Such Services At Nemer Najd. We Offer All Help By Offering Advices And Carry Out All Type Of Tasks In Concrete From Large Assembly Jobs To Small Refurbishments.

Your Needs And Wishes: When You Take Our Help To Carry Out Any Concrete Job Of Any Shape And Size Then You Can Be Assure Of Quality Job And You Will Not Spend Time Worrying. At Nemer Najd We Offer Work At Given Time Period And Use One Of The Best And Mostly Used Construction Techniques, Trade Workers As Well As Consider All Your Needs And Wishes. We Have A Good Experience, For Instance With Maintenance And Refurbishment Of Balconies As Well As Facades. Here We Employ Experts To Carry Out Such Type Of Work.

Our Proficiency Comprises:

• Casting

• Concrete Refurbishments And Concrete Repairs

• Surface Treatments

• Concrete Renovations

• Hole Cutting And Drilling

Concrete Renovations:

We Offer Renovation Of Tunnels, Facades, Balconies, Bridges As Well As Multi Storey Car Parks. At Nemer Najd We Have Experienced And Expertise You Require To Execute Concrete Renovations.

Your Buildings Will Last Forever:

When You Take Our Services Then We Guarantee That Your Buildings Will Last Forever. Concrete Is One Of The Most Durable Materials, It’s Affected By Weather And Wind. It Means Your Buildings Might Need Renovation To Make Sure That It’ll Last For Many Years.

Our Main Services Include:

• Replacement And Renovation Of Balconies

• Maintenance And Renovation Of Tunnels And Bridges

renovation Of Multi Storey Car Parks As Well As Underground Car Parking

• Building Façade Renovations

• We Repair Damages Caused By Collisions, Impact Of Structure And Fire.

We Have Thousands Of Staffs That Work With Us And Provide Their Experience In All Branches Of Engineering And Construction In All Sorts Of Projects And Tasks.

Civil Works

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